Finance 4.0 and FIN4Xplorer

The Finance4.0 platform (Fin4) aspires to be a socio-technical artifact spanning a design space for a socio-ecological financial system and for post-monetary concepts and experiments. The platform’s generative design allows to explore the new and broad spectrum of post-monetary ideas and approaches. They range from traditional money designs to entirely novel (re-)conceptions of value representation. Fin4 enables the emergence of self-organizing, multi-dimensional, community-driven and token-based incentive systems for any positive sustainable action a community wants to promote – in a democratic way.

You can try out the FIN4Xplorer at

The documentation can be found at More resources:

FIN4Xplorer is open source software. Contributors are welcome to join.

FIN4Xplorer is supported by FuturICT2 (H2020 FLAG ERA) and Climate-KIC (Deep demonstrations of long-termism).