Finance 4.0 and FIN4Xplorer

The Finance4.0 platform (Fin4) aspires to be a socio-technical artifact spanning a design space for a socio-ecological financial system and for post-monetary concepts and experiments. The platform’s generative design allows to explore the new and broad spectrum of post-monetary ideas and approaches. They range from traditional money designs to entirely novel (re-)conceptions of value representation. Fin4 enables the emergence of self-organizing, multi-dimensional, community-driven and token-based incentive systems for any positive sustainable action a community wants to promote – in a democratic way.

You can try out the FIN4Xplorer at using an Ethereum DApp browser. E.g. the MetaMask browser extension on Desktop or the status app on mobile.

The initial release of the demonstrator is not actively maintained anymore and will be switched off soon:

FIN4Xplorer is open source software. Contributors are welcome to join.

FIN4Xplorer is supported by FuturICT2 (H2020 FLAG ERA) and Climate-KIC (Deep demonstrations of long-termism).