A new socio-ecological financial system

The Finance4.0 platform aspires to be a socio-technical artifact spanning a design space for a socio-ecological financial system and for post-monetary concepts and experiments. The platform’s generative design allows to explore the new and broad spectrum of post-monetary ideas and approaches. They range from traditional money designs to entirely novel (re-)conceptions of value representation. Finance 4.0 enables the emergence of self-organizing, multi-dimensional, community-driven and token-based incentive systems for any positive sustainable action a community wants to promote – in a democratic way. FIN4Xplorer is our tool to explore the post-monetary design space.

While many humans insist that democratic principles are best suited to govern collectives, the design of our money system is blatantly undemocratic. Instead of a mono-dimensional, monopolistic system of money, we need to consider multi-dimensional incentives to create more robust financial systems and we need decentralized communities rather than monopolies to create and distribute currencies. Above all, the new system needs sustainability to be baked into its core design by removing externalities as much as possible.

Marcus Dapp – Research Lead, ETH Zürich

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